The mother or the child? Fortunately, this is a question that does not often arise during childbirth, as advances in medicine have enabled births to no longer frequently prove fatal for both mothers and babies.

However, Shelbie Lenora did not hesitate to raise this complex subject on social networks. In a recent video, the young woman revealed the choice she would make if the question were to arise for her own delivery.

A controversial choice

It was on TikTok, in a video viewed more than two million times and accumulating thousands of comments, that Shelbie started a conversation around the birth. Sharing her controversial point of view with her community, her clip did not fail to spark a wider conversation among her subscribers, with some endorsing the young woman, others remaining stunned by her proposal.

The mother or the child?

Indeed, Shelbie noted in her video, “If during labor you have to choose to save me or save the baby, save me.” A message which, at first sight, could surprise. However, Shelbie continued her reasoning, revealing the reason behind her choice. “I have babies at home who need me,” she continued.

A mother’s decision

Stating that her husband fully supported her choice, she was quick to claim it in the caption of her video, noting “and my husband agrees”. In the comments, many followers also sided with Shelbie, saying they would want the same for them. “Before children, I would have said to save the baby” noted a woman. Another added “You are the first person who has not said ‘Save the baby’ and I completely agree with you”.

only one mother

Also in the comments section, another mother shared her experience with this. “My husband said the last time I gave birth that if anything went wrong we could have another baby at any time but our son only has one mother,” she wrote. For non-parents, this choice also seemed understandable. “I’m okay without having kids. We are also someone’s children,” said one woman.

A constant regret

Nevertheless, among the wave of approvals received by Shelbie, others were quick to criticize her decision. “People say that but losing a baby and living after it is the hardest thing in the world… To say it as if nothing had happened… I would rather die than go through this again” confided a devastated mother. “I couldn’t live with that thought. I would prefer my baby to be born,” concluded another.

In case of complications during childbirth, she wants us to save her rather than her baby


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