A story that ends well. Adele Rudd, a young resident of Birmingham, England, recently shared what happened to her in 2016, and how she was nearly taken off her life support while still fully conscious. It all starts with a car ride, which also includes her 8-month-old son, Milano. The young woman, then 25, began to feel unwell as she drove home from friends. When her vision started to blur, Adele Rudd pulled over and realized her body was numb and she couldn’t control it anymore. It was a passerby who, seeing her in her car, called the emergency services to have her transported to the hospital. There, the verdict fell: Adele had been the victim of mini attacks. The next day, a new, much larger stroke struck her down, forcing doctors to put her in a coma.

Because of extremely low chances of getting out of it, the young woman explained to Birmingham Live that “the doctors had told my family to say goodbye and to authorize them to switch off the artificial respirator”. Only even though the machines showed no brain activity, Adele Rudd was still there, stuck in an unresponsive body. “I was aware of what was being said, I could hear but I couldn’t wake up.” Defying all odds, the young woman nevertheless managed to get out of the coma and wake up, and all thanks to her father and son. “My dad spent every second by my side. I knew he was there and he would never give up on me. I remember hearing him tell me to kick a ball for my son if I I heard, and at that moment I managed to move my foot. It was a miracle, there was brain activity, and I was fighting for my son.”

Victim of locked-in syndrome

After spending two weeks in a coma, Adele therefore woke up, but then suffered from locked-in syndrome, or confinement syndrome, which deprived her of the use of her entire body except for her eyes and his eyelids. It is therefore by blinking that she was able to start communicating again and, by dint of perseverance and thanks to an iron will, Adele Rudd can today speak and move despite the attacks she has suffered. The young woman was able to leave the hospital seven months after entering it after undergoing months of rehabilitation, and settle in a house that her father had completely adapted to her new needs.

In a coma and in a desperate state, she is saved by her 8-month-old baby

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