A bloody discovery. This Tuesday, November 29, human remains were found in the heart of Barcelona, ​​Spain. The body was inside a suitcase placed in a garbage container, reports Metropoli Abierta. The area was quickly barricaded by law enforcement. An investigation has been opened to identify the victim and determine the circumstances of his death.

This macabre discovery was made by a man who was rummaging through garbage cans for scrap metal. After coming across the suitcase, he notified a nearby trader, El Pais reports. The latter explained to our colleagues that the individual who alerted him was a regular customer of his establishment, and that he seemed more agitated than usual. He therefore decided to go and see the container himself and discovered a man’s torso.

Multiple suspects involved?

Law enforcement is now focusing on CCTV cameras in nearby shops in an effort to find out if they filmed the person or people who put the suitcase in the container. Indeed, given the weight of it, the investigators, quoted by the Spanish media, are considering the possibility that several individuals were involved in this affair.

In a Barcelona bin, he thought he would find scrap metal but made a bloody discovery

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