Benjamin Mendy is still the subject of a trial following numerous accusations and complaints of rape against him. After three damning testimonies, it is that of a fourth woman who was reported by Le Parisien on Wednesday August 24, during the trial held at the Chester court.

Anonymized “Women Four”, the young woman told the story of this evening of July 23, 2021, to which she had been invited by Benjamin Mendy, and his friends, who would have ordered a taxi for him: Louis Saha Matturie, also accused in these rape cases.

Benjamin Mendy and his friend beg the young woman to come, even going so far as to pay her

After arriving at the party, “Woman Four” noticed the presence of three other young women, who were playing games. The complainant alleges that in addition to ordering a taxi to take her to this party, Benjamin Mendy’s co-accused allegedly offered her three bags, which appeared to contain money, in order for her to agree to stay at the evening. The young woman claims that she did not try to find out how much the bag contained, because she had come only for the event.

During the evening, Woman Four and Benjamin Mendy would have got closer. The two young people exchanged regularly by message and the footballer would have sent him several to offer him to come to the party.

Benjamin Mendy: “All women want me”

Only this rapprochement would have taken a turn not consented to by Woman Four: “We ended up kissing and he lowered his pants. I said to him: I’m not doing anything. To which he would have replied: What is you mean? in a blunt and rude tone, adding: You don’t trust me”, she related during the trial held in the court in the north of England.

Despite the expression of his refusal, Benjamin Mendy would have persisted in his advances. After claiming that “all women” wanted it, the player went so far as to impose oral sex on his alleged victim: “It didn’t take long. In about twenty seconds, it was over”, said she remembered.

Before the tragedy, the young woman declared that she had tried to dissuade Benjamin Mendy from abusing her, in particular thanks to a lie which would not have hindered him: “I do not take the pill, you do not want when not even get me pregnant?” she said. “It didn’t scare him at all,” she continued.

"In 20 seconds, it was over": a new alleged victim of Benjamin Mendy delivers a chilling testimony at the trial

“In 20 seconds, it was over”: a new alleged victim of Benjamin Mendy delivers a chilling testimony at the trial © Agence


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