At the heart of a recent and conflicting separation, a father has committed the irreparable this weekend in Belgium, in the small town of Waardamme. While he had to bring his daughters back to his ex-girlfriend, he sent her a terrible message after posting a photo of his daughters on social networks.

“It’s too late “

“It’s too late, you won’t see them again, they’re dead”, so the 44-year-old man announced to his ex-girlfriend, from whom he was recently separated, that he had just committed the ‘unthinkable. Maud and Ona, aged 5 and 8, indeed lost their lives this Sunday while they were in joint custody with their father. Monday, November 14, the parents of the two girls had met to discuss custody measures and the discussion had gone badly. Sunday, November 20, the man was to bring his daughters back to their mother, and not seeing them arrive, she got worried and called in vain. Until the children’s father picks up and says the fatal words.

Mad with concern, the mother then contacted the Waardame police, who went to the father’s home. According to our colleagues from RMC, the agents discovered the bodies of the two little girls on the spot, with no trace of their father. The man had fled and was only found by police later along the highway as he attempted to kill himself. Some time before the macabre discovery, a message had been posted by the father of the family on social networks: a photo of his granddaughters accompanied by a barely veiled message “I’m sorry”. A bad omen that unfortunately turned out to be true.

“I'm sorry”: this horrible message from a father in the midst of a conflictual separation

The police were contacted by the girls’ mother © Photo illustration

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