Her husband left their family home in Stoke-on-Trent on January 5 this year. He was scheduled to stay at a travelodge in Cheshire, according to the September 20 Mirror. But just a day after leaving, Garry Jones, a 55-year-old warehouse worker, sends his wife Christine a message that is both poignant and disturbing. His message was of great concern to his wife of 19 years. ‘Please tell everyone I love them and am so sorry,’ the message read, the Mirror reports citing North Wales Live.

Garry Jones also went to the trouble of giving details of the location of his belongings before he was no longer seen. To conclude his message, he had written: “sorry for everything, I love you”. The body of Garry Jones was discovered by the crew of one of the Wind Farms transfer vessels, Mareel Onyx, approximately five miles off the coast of Rhyl on March 3, 2022. In the days following his disappearance, police, Coastguard and RNLI searched the North Wales coast for several days.

A worry at work and his father’s health problem got the better of him

Apart from Garry’s car which was found parked on St Asaph Avenue in Colwyn Bay, no other trace of him had been found. In the car found on January 6, officers also found a message. “I am truly sorry for any heartache or upset I have caused or will cause by my actions,” read the note Garry left in his car. Eventually, it was concluded from senior coroner John Gittins that Garry died by drowning by committing suicide. Shortly before his tragic departure, Garry Jones had consulted his general practitioner for a mental health concern. His wife Christine said an accident at work and her father’s declining health affected his mood, and he “started to cry more”.

"I'm so, so sorry...": a woman receives a disturbing message from her husband before horrible news

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