He is well known for his bloodshed. This Wednesday, March 30, Philippe Poutou was invited on LCI in the program 15 days to convince, presented by Elizabeth Martichoux. The opportunity for the journalist to discuss with the presidential candidate his proposals on taxes. And the least we can say is that from the start of the interview, the electricity in the air was immediately felt. “You are fighting for another distribution of wealth. This is the basis of your proposals. Are you increasing taxes?”, asked Elizabeth Martichoux.

To which Philippe Poutou responds very bluntly: “Of course we increase them! We have to make the rich pay! But it’s more than a tax problem. Tax is a bit the first way to see things. How do we redistribute wealth …”, continued the candidate before being cut off by the journalist: “it is the foundation of the distribution of wealth, taxes”. A speech that the CGT activist did not accept: “Wait, I am answering your question. I am explaining to you! We are not only for taxes. We are for expropriating the rich. But let “Answer me, please! It’s still not possible to do it like that! We can’t articulate and reason. The things you ask, they’re complicated”.

Elizabeth Martichoux: “I’m not preventing you from speaking!”

Faced with Philippe Poutou’s behavior, Elizabeth Martichoux then retorted: “I ask you to clarify. I am not preventing you from speaking! Let it be clear between us!” The candidate then reassured her: “I am clarifying. Don’t panic! You don’t have to ask me ten questions in a row”. But the LCI journalist didn’t want to let it go: “I’m not panicked! Don’t talk to me like that!”. An exchange that the two main interested parties will not forget.

Philippe Poutou © LCI

Lara T.
Lara T.

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