She was one of the stars of the 2000s… At the age of 12, Priscilla Betti was revealed to the general public thanks to her songs When I’m young, Look at me (test me, hate me) or even Tchouk Tchouk Musik. Since then, the artist has grown well and celebrated his 33rd birthday last August. Single, she would like to become a mother today. Friday, December 30, 2022, in an interview with Public, Priscilla Betti first dropped: “I would have to find someone, because I’ve been single for two years and it’s starting to weigh on me. The lack of tenderness, the fact of not having anyone with whom to exchange in the evening…” While she does not wish to register on dating sites, she added: “I do not go on Tinder and I meet rarely people outside my circle. Besides, I’m not a sex date at all, I’m looking for something serious. I’m 32, I want to be a mom!”

Single, the singer has agreed to reveal what her style of man was. “I like Josh Duhamel. Rather strong, tall, with a good situation… Can I advertise? I need someone nice, attentive, who takes care of me”, she indicated. In the past, Priscilla Betti was in a relationship with footballer Gilles Noto. A year after having formalized their relationship on the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival, it was in June 2018, when she was a candidate in the show The Island Celebrities, that she confided to Gala: “There, I’m going devote myself a bit to my family life. We’re going home, I’m going to have a baby. It made me realize a lot of things to be here. It’s time.” However, in January 2019, the young woman announced their separation on social networks.

Priscilla Betti: the singer, soon, candidate in a famous tele-hook?

If her songs are less on the radio, the singer has many projects. For Public, she thus assured: “Contrary to what many people think, I never stopped music! I no longer release albums, but singing remains my job. I do a lot of private concerts for brands. , weddings… I feel useful.” While she is regularly asked if she could participate in a tele-hook, Priscilla Betti replied: “I am asked every year to participate in The Voice as a candidate. That’s enough, I’m a professional singer! My place would be more in the jury of The Voice Kids, I would have all my legitimacy there.”

"I'm not a sex worker at all": Priscilla Betti very cash on her love and intimate life

Priscilla Betti © Jean-Francois Ottonello

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