Before being a known and recognized artist, Juliette Armanet lived through a complicated adolescence. In any case, this is what she confided in the columns of Madame Figaro, Friday October 14, 2022. The artist explained that she had felt bad about herself for a very long time. “My physique does not correspond to the stereotypical feminine criteria and I was very complexed. All my adolescence, I hid in oversized clothes. I have a tomboy side, little chest and I never fantasize as a woman. I don’t wear skirts and I’ve always stolen my father’s shirts, as if I were huge, even though I’m 1m58”, she said to explain the discomfort that she could feel.

Even when she started her singing career, on stage, she had a hard time accepting her body. That’s why she only wore black clothes and turtlenecks. “It was also an intellectual fantasy, a desire that only my songs be heard. This disc, with its exalted orchestral arrangements, produced a metamorphosis in me. I needed to embody the songs more than before and naturally, one evening, in the middle of a concert, I got up from my stool and I danced… I even climbed on my piano. It was from that moment that she began to wear talents and put on outfits with sequins.

Juliette Armanet could as well live a love story with a man or a woman

Moreover, the artist explores more and more her part of femininity. But it’s not easy for her to move on and leave the demons of her youth behind. “My androgynous body, my attitude, being raised with two brothers meant that I never asked myself whether I was a woman or a man. I don’t really care,” said she said again. A position that inevitably has an impact on his love life. “Today I’m with a man because he’s the one who took my heart, but it could be a woman. I don’t want to gender myself, define myself and trust myself, because it would be like imprisoning something that is always moving” continued Juliette Armanet.

Thus, she is delighted with the societal revolution that is currently taking place regarding these gender issues. She only wishes that people pay attention so that these changes are not temporary and last over time. “It’s a strange fantasy that of a humanity that wants to define itself ex nihilo from the rest of the world. It’s almost a desire for self-creation. I’m not in it at all. I’m extremely permeable and porous vis-à-vis what surrounds me and I feel it more than ever in concert.”

"I'm never fantasized": Juliette Armanet confides in her relationship to her body and her sexual identity

Juliette Armanet © Sandrine Thesillat

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