The tragic death of little Star Hobson has shocked more than one. His grandfather was surely the person who was most affected by this loss. Indeed, Andrew Smith, 50, father of Frankie, ended his life on his daughter’s birthday. Moreover, he took care to send a card to the prison for the attention of the latter before taking action.

Andrew Smith couldn’t stand what his daughter had done to his baby girl. Which surely led him to overdose on pills last June. This is a premeditated act on his part since he sent a card to his daughter’s prison with the word “Take care of yourself and I’ll take care of the baby” before. Andrew Smith’s father, Frank, 68, was one of 5 people who contacted social services about the treatment the little Star was undergoing. “He had a handprint of the baby on his window and never washed it. He couldn’t stand it and did it on Frankie’s birthday,” he told the Sun on the death of his son. “When they found him, Star’s coat was next to him. My son did what they did and was 50 years old, this baby was only a few months old,” added the grandfather of little Star.

Frankie Smith has sworn to commit suicide

Also according to Frank, Frankie would have sworn to end her life in a letter she had addressed to her father Andrew. This before the latter ends his life. “It’s hard to believe and I can’t come to terms with it. It broke me. You trust the authorities to do something and they let you down. I understand why people take justice into their own hands. “, Frank had confided.

Frankie Smith was found innocent of the murder of his daughter Star. Only she was sentenced for allowing her death. As for her partner, Brockhill, she was indeed convicted of the murder. Remember also that the authorities had 5 opportunities to save this child. Lately, Boris Johnson has pledged to take action to ensure that such tragedies do not happen again.

Star Hobson’s grandfather © The Sun

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