“I have to get my life back.” It is in these terms that Hilona Gos returned to social networks. After a long absence, the young woman spoke in an Instagram story on Friday March 3, 2023. Determined to get back on her feet, she admitted to wanting to start all over again after her affair with her ex Julien. Bert.”I expressed myself, liberated, I said what was on my heart and I had unconditional support. In fact, this thing must no longer leave me at the top, I must go back. I have to get back to the networks, let me talk to you. I look very thin, I have dark circles, I’m tired and I went through other ordeals during my absence which are even more painful (…) I needed to cut to concentrate (…) I really sank last week, it was catastrophic. I will not experience that again! I will be even stronger. You give me a lot of strength (.. .) I’m rebuilding myself.” she confided.

According to her, this story has completely destroyed her. She hasn’t left her home since February 9, except to go horse riding three times. Fortunately, the young woman will be able to get some fresh air by going skiing thanks to her agency, which found her partnership. “Obviously it won’t be easy. There are days that won’t be. Even then, there are times that are good and others that are super hard. I’m going to gain weight, get back to eating properly. I I’m going to put my makeup back on, get dressed… everything is a step. I’m happy because I already want to do it.” added Hilona Gos.

Hilona Gos: “I’m disgusted”

Arriving in Aix-en-Provence, Hilona Gos has planned to start her life over by taking care of her. Nails, hair, she takes it all in hand. “I’m disgusted, I can’t look at myself anymore. I already think I’m really too thin… you have to take care of it, it starts there. It’s the beginning of the rebirth. I find myself sickening.” she then swung.

Hilona Gos: this help she refuses to pay her debts

In the continuation of her message, she then made a clear and sharp focus. While she finds herself in debt because of her ex Julien Bert, Hilona Gos has received the support of her fans. The latter have indeed launched a kitty to raise funds but she refuses to touch the money. “I am really stunned. I absolutely do not want anyone to give money, to be very clear! The background is very kind (…) thank you but know that I continue to earn my living. Despite everything I do collaborations with brands. I stopped for a few weeks because I felt really bad but I’m going to resume. I have money. Certainly it put me in debt on certain things but I absolutely don’t want to your money. Keep it! You don’t have to pay for all this. I refuse this money.” concluded the one who will file a complaint in story.

"I'm disgusted": Hilona Gos cash on her condition since her affair with her ex Julien Bert

Hilona Gos and her ex Julien Bert © Instagram

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