Since November 25, Leslie Hoorelbeke, 22, Kévin Trompat, 21, and their dog have not been found. They were last seen at a party with friends near Niort (Deux-Sèvres). A call for witnesses was launched on December 7 after the discovery of the young man’s identity papers. But what happened to them? The revelations follow one another and Tom, the friend with whom they were to go to sleep, confided in the columns of Parisian on February 3. He spoke of his last exchanges with the young woman. The couple was to spend the evening with a friend, Nicolas, before going to Tom’s to spend the night there. Around 2:30 a.m., the young man contacted Leslie Hoorelbeke to find out if they intended to return soon. While at a friend’s house, Tom intended to do drugs but wanted to make sure he could see the couple so he could have some time with them. At 2:38, he sends a message to Leslie Hoorelbeke. “I take a card if you plan to stay long, otherwise I stay cool,” he wrote. The box in question? “A shot of LSD”, specifies the media. What Tom really wanted to know? If he could take drugs since his evening or if he was waiting for the return of Leslie Hoorelbeke and Kévin Trompat to consume them in their company.

Tom had no idea that he would no longer dream of his friends. Following the young man’s question, Leslie Hoorelbeke immediately affirms: “Anyway, it’s open at your house, right? Do as you see fit for the box, but be careful”, she wrote to him at 2:44 a.m. About ten minutes later, another message is received by the principal concerned and this alerts him immediately. “I just vomited my guts full of blood. As soon as I get home, I ask myself, I’m not very well there,” she says. To which Tom declares: “Just let me know…” before receiving an answer from his friend: “Yes always at Nicolas…”. But what happened next? According to Tom’s comments, the rest is totally unclear. “I understand that Leslie felt bad and that she vomited, but I have no further explanation”, he assures before adding: “Then I sent him other messages between 3 and 4 o’clock to hear from him. I know they have been read, but they have remained unanswered”. The young man, not worried at that time, therefore took advantage of his evening. “For my part, I finally consumed my box of LSD on the spot and I stayed to sleep in a friend’s truck, it was more careful”, he concluded. But what happened to Leslie Hoorelbeke and Kévin Trompat?

Leslie Hoorelbeke and Kévin Trompat: why do the parents of the couple doubt Tom?

The disappearance of the couple worries their loved ones more and more, who have no intention of waiting and doing nothing. So, they decided to write down any information in a notebook in order to try to learn more. In the columns of Southwest, Patrick Hoorelbeke and his partner Emilie Cardré, however, expressed something that bothers them. These are the exchanges between Tom and the young woman. For several weeks they tried to get the messages between the two friends on November 25th. The principal concerned ended up accepting but something is wrong. “Sentences are missing. They have been cut,” they claimed. Would Tom have wished to hide some exchanges?

"I'll take a hit if...": this code name exchanged between Leslie and her ex, Tom, the evening of the disappearance

Leslie Hoorelbeke and Kevin Trompat © Facebook

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