A speech that surprised more than one. This Tuesday, January 11, Issa Doumbia pushed a rare rant on his social networks. The actor, particularly known for the many roles he has played on small screens, has paid for the world of television. And made a most surprising revelation about his professional future. “Speaking forgetting that the walls have ears. I much prefer the stage! I’m going to slow down the small screen,” began Issa Doumbia, without explaining the reason for his anger. Obviously very upset and disgusted by a world deemed false, the actor added: “We will say that playing for an audience is more exciting. The return is sincere! People are real”.

Still on his Instagram account, Issa Doumbia then shared a video of an audience that came to attend one of his shows. “Back to basics! That’s my real job,” he concluded. Yet for several months, the young man has chained the projects on television. Present, like other regulars, at the 10 years of Friday everything is allowed, he was at the helm of Tahiti Quest, the pirate treasure in December, and Back to 1991. His first loves, they are nevertheless of course scene. In his youth, Issa Doumbia was trained in theatrical improvisation within the company Déclic Théâtre in the city of Trappes. “My first theater lesson, it’s Jamel who gives it to me”, he confided on the airwaves of Europe 1.

Issa Doumbia: “No one judges himself”

“When he gives me lessons – and I’m really shy at first – I see that everything is going really well because everyone does the same thing and no one judges themselves”, described Issa Doumbia before paying tribute to the work by Jamel Debbouze: “He showed us the way, to us children who lived in the suburbs. He showed us that leaving a suburb and arriving on TV is possible. We have been told a lot: ‘no it is ‘is not possible’, ‘No you will not be able to do it’ but showed him that it was possible “. Arrived on television years ago, Issa Doumbia could therefore soon move away to find the scenes which galvanize him so much … And which obviously correspond to him more.

Issa Doumbia © VEEREN

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