Igor Bogdanoff was in a relationship. The 72-year-old man was indeed dating Julie Jardon, a young woman of 27. It was in 2015 that the lovers had met. She, a student and a model, came across Grichka’s brother at the exit of a nightclub in Cannes. “He said to me:” You remind me of someone with whom I climb in Fontainebleau “, he did a lot of climbing. From there, we saw each other and then saw each other again. started a romantic relationship in August of that year. It was discreet at first and then we were photographed together in 2016. ” she told Gala.

Despite their 45-year gap, Julie Jardon and Igor Bogdanoff lived a beautiful love story and never cared about the eyes of others, especially as the physique of the scientist did not leave you indifferent. “In love, what touches me the most is people’s hearts. The physical is not what I look at first. Igor expressed himself well, he was very cultured and I was impressionable. . In 7 years, I never raised the question of his appearance. It belonged to him. ” added the young woman. The only problem came from his parents. “My mother, for her part, found that it was too complicated a relationship because of our age difference, we tried to ignore it. With Igor, we often thought that if we had been the same age, we would have built a life together. ” Julie Jardon concluded.

Igor Bogdanoff: what did he die of?

As a reminder, Igor Bogdanoff died on January 3, 2022, six days after his brother Grichka. The latter died of the consequences of Covid-19. The twins had not been vaccinated.

Igor Bogdanoff and his partner Julie Jardon © Pierre Perusseau

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