Tina Turner would have liked to take better care of her kidneys. The rock ‘n’ roll queen shared the disturbing message on Instagram two months before her death at the age of 83. In her sinister message, Tina Turner confided in her problems with kidney failure. Problems the source of which she should have taken seriously if she could have made the connection. On March 9 of this year, World Kidney Day, the Daily Mail recalls on May 25, the Tennessee-born star revealed that she had put herself in serious danger by underestimating her diagnosis of high blood pressure. 1978.

“My kidneys are a victim of not realizing my high blood pressure should have been treated with conventional medicine,” the What’s Love Got to Do With It singer wrote. Speaking to the European Health Kidney Alliance in March, the rock ‘n’ roll queen said she couldn’t remember anyone ever explaining to her what high blood pressure meant or how it affected her body. “I considered the hypertension to be normal. That’s why I didn’t really try to control it,” Tina Turner added. On Wednesday, May 24, Tina Turner died peacefully from an unspecified illness.

Tina Turner’s hypertension has caused her many health problems

The Daily Mail informs us however that due to the lack of treatment, Tina Turner suffered a stroke in 2009 and then in 2013. Three years later, in 2016, Tina Turner had to face cancer of the intestine because of which she had to be operated on. His kidney problems are getting worse. The singer of Proud Mary then suffers from the side effects of her treatment against hypertension which she stops to switch to homeopathic medicine. This is where the kidney failure of the interpreter of Simply The Best comes from and which leads her husband Erwin Bach to donate his kidney to her in April 2017.

“If I had known how much it was related…”: this dark message from Tina Turner two months before her death

“If I had known how much it was linked…”: this dark message from Tina Turner two months before her death © Action Press

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