Incredible but true ! These identical twins gave birth on the same day in the same hospital and only a few hours apart.

In their childhood, Jill Justiniani and Erin Cheplak constantly used to do everything in pairs. “We played, slept and ate together. My parents even told us that we had our own language. When we were in our cribs side by side, we made a kind of cooing. I made a noise and Erin answered me” explained Jill at People magazine. It is therefore not surprising that they became mothers at the same time. On Thursday, May 5, 2022, the twins gave birth in the same hospital just a few hours apart. But the crazy coincidence does not stop there!

Jill and Erin gave birth to two perfectly healthy boys, who each weighed 3.2 kg and were 50 cm tall. “It was like it was supposed to happen that way. It’s kind of surprising because what were the chances of it happening? But obviously it happened to us,” Jill said. If the twins had planned to get pregnant at the same time, they didn’t think they would give birth at the same time. And for good reason, Jill had to undergo a caesarean section at the Kaiser Permanente hospital in California because her son Oliver was presented by the seat. As for her sister Erin, her little Silas was supposed to show up on May 15, but her water finally broke ten days earlier.

The twins are more united than ever in this new adventure

After some routine checkups, Jill and Erin were able to return home with their sons. Today, they savor the joys of motherhood. Especially since they only live 5 minutes from each other. “It’s such a blessing that we’re close. As identical twins, Jill and I know nothing but spending all of our time together. We’re best friends and know that our sons will grow up together. This same opportunity is a real blessing. We’re so grateful for that,” Erin said. The two toddlers, who are genetically more half-brothers than cousins, are already forming a bond.


Lara T.
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