At 75, Anny Duperey is in great shape. Only, she is well aware that her state of health could one day become worrying. It is for this reason that she would like to “leave before being a burden” for her family, her children, her friends. In any case, this is what she confided in the columns of Gala, to be found on newsstands Thursday, September 1, 2022. Back on the theater boards in the role of a retiree in the play My Dear Children, she looks like a little bit to her character since she too is a mother and a grandmother. Only, unlike her character “who does nothing but wait for her children to visit on Sundays” since her husband died “ten years ago”, Anny Duperey enjoys life.

“I take from my family precisely this thing which has never been clearly said, but which is transmitted by natural impregnation: never to depend on anyone to support me. And especially not on a man”, he said. she so let go. The actress is happy to say that she has seven granddaughters and a grandson. Indeed, her two children have never had three children, but she also believes that she is the grandmother of her niece’s two daughters since her sister died.

Anny Duperey has always been an independent woman

Male domination in this family, we do not know. The girls are largely in the majority and proud of it. Anny Duperey makes a point of instilling independence in them, something she has always been. According to her, not wanting children should not be shocking, she believes that everyone is free to think what they want and to live the life they want.

"I would like to leave before...": Anny Duperey makes a weighty confession

Anny Duperey © Bruno Bebert


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