Every day of the week, Faustine Bollaert receives many guests on the It begins today set, in order to tell their stories of life. In the number rebroadcast on Friday, January 7, 2022, the host focused on couples with atypical techniques to make their relationship last. Patricia and Roberto, a couple for forty-three years, explained how they had managed to fight routine by trying their hand at debauchery. Asked about their meeting in the 1970s, Patricia naturally revealed: “I met him on a sidewalk and I fell in love with his look, his presence!” While Faustine Bollaert asked Roberto what he had a crush on with Patricia at the time, the latter replied: “The bumper.”

Very surprised by his words, the host asked him: “Pardon?” Before trying to make up for Roberto’s words by adding: “Good … so you liked his shape. I’ll keep some outfit on this show. I’ll translate your speeches.” Surprised, Patricia’s companion retorted: “Contrary to what one might say, it is very respectful for women.” To which Faustine Bollaert replied: “Bumpers? I’m not sure Roberto.”

Faustine Bollaert: “Was it chic to say that we fell in love with a bumper?”

Finally aware of the discomfort he had created on the set, the follower of debauchery explained: “We must get back to the time. We are in 1976!” Annoyed, the star of France 2 replied: “In 1976, it was chic to say that we fell in love with a bumper?” To conclude, Roberto added: “Yes, at the time, it was going very well. We were thinking of the beautiful Americans.” Words that did not convince Faustine Bollaert, nor a young guest who preferred to hide her face, embarrassed by the situation.

Patricia and Roberto © France 2

Lara T.
Lara T.

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