After going through a very difficult pregnancy, Shanna Kress gave birth to her first child in November 2022. Since then, with her companion, Jonathan Matijas, they have made it a point of honor to protect their son, Loüka. Indeed, they made the decision not to reveal his face. Regularly, the lovers evoke their daily life which has changed a lot since the arrival of their son. Only, they keep reminding how much they are the happiest in the world. Despite everything, for the young mother, a detail is missing from her happiness. She would like to find her pre-pregnancy body. It is with this objective in mind that she announced her brand new project, Wednesday, May 17, 2023, on her social networks.

It will be a project for two since she can count on the support of the man of her life. Both made the decision to launch their first sports program for all levels. “We made the decision for our year 2023! We are going to launch our very first sports program”, she wrote in the caption of several shots where she posed with the father of her son. “I gave birth 6 months ago and it’s finally time for me to get back into the sport, but I’m not going to go back alone! We train together!”, She continued.

Shanna Kress and Jonathan Matijas have made sure to offer a program for all levels

“We decided with my darling to adapt the sports program that we had prepared for me, so that it is accessible to all!”, She further specified. Only, the couple’s fans will have to show a little patience before being able to discover the sports program. Indeed, Shanna Kress announced that he would not be available before the end of May 2023. Enough to give time to those who would like to start training with them to prepare.

“I will not resume alone”: six months after giving birth, Shanna Kress makes a big announcement

Shanna Kress and Jonathan Matijas © Instagram

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