The comedian is in mourning… Wednesday January 25, 2023, Khadija Assad, one of the icons of the Moroccan artistic scene, died at the age of 71 after a long fight against cancer. Upset on hearing the news, Jamel Debbouze wanted to pay tribute to this woman, so important in his life. In the caption of a black and white photo of Khadija Assad and her husband, Aziz Saad Allah, who died on Tuesday October 13, 2020, he wrote: “Khadija has joined Aziz… Peace to their souls. I don’t I will never forget this mythical couple with immense talent.” In a second story, where the father of two children appears alongside the couple, he added with emotion: “Thank you for helping me in my beginnings.”

Thursday January 26, 2023, many personalities attended the funeral of Khadija Assad, at the Achouhada cemetery. In a statement, the King of Morocco, Mohammed VI, said: “In this painful circumstance, we express to you, and through you, to all of your family and loved ones, to the national artistic family of the deceased and to all his friends and admirers, our deep condolences and our sincere feelings of compassion following the disappearance of one of the icons of the Moroccan screen, recognized for his immense talent and his performance in several great theatrical, television and cinematographic works. Particularly those interpreted in the company of her husband and traveling companion, the late Abdelaziz Saadallah, which marked the local artistic scene and remained engraved in the memory and the heart of the Moroccan public.

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Khadija Assad: the secrets of the star following the death of her husband

In April 2021, in JT 2M, Khadija Assad could not hold back her tears when she mentioned the disappearance of her husband. “I thank all the Moroccan people for their support during this terrible ordeal. I thank King Mohammed VI and Prince Moulay Rachid who sent me beautiful letters to offer me their condolences. The support of Moroccans has touched us so much” , she said. Shortly after her death, Moroccan businessman Noureddine Ayouch said at Le 360’s microphone: “She joins her late husband Saadallah Aziz, with whom she had woven a real bond and an almost unconditional love.”

"I will never forget": Jamel Debbouze pays a touching tribute to an important woman in his life

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