In 2008, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie got their hands on the Château de Miraval, a 400-hectare property that they rented every summer for summer vacations. The couple, in love with the Var and the charm of Provence, they market the wine from the exploitation of their vines and enjoy happy days as a family. A place that Brad Pitt has developed an obsession with due to… the supposed existence of a treasure hidden under his house.

The actor revealed in an interview with GQ magazine that he has long tried to get his hands on the precious sesame … in vain. “I was obsessed, he said. It was the one and only thing I thought about for a year.” How does he explain it? “There may be a connection with the place where I grew up. In the Ozarks Mountains (Missouri region, editor’s note), there were always stories of hidden gold”,

Brad Pitt and the hustler

But the reality was quite different. Brad Pitt had been scammed by an impostor who had invented the existence of the treasure. According to the individual, there was “a quantity of gold equivalent to several million dollars”, “brought back from the Middle East during the Crusades and buried” which had been left there by the owners of yesteryear in the Middle Ages. What arouse the interest of Brad Pitt. The latter had then invested in radars to get his hands on it.

In reality, the man who had mentioned the existence of the treasure would have sought to push Brad Pitt to invest in equipment in order to earn money. The 58-year-old star will eventually discover the deception and talks about it today with a lot of humor!

Brad Pitt © Agency / Bestimage


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