Since June 3, Izia Higelin’s new album is available. On the occasion of the promotion of this new opus, the daughter of Jacques Higelin indulged in a few confidences for our colleagues from Paris Match. The singer then returned to the beginnings of her career. And the least we can say is that she is not tender with her performances: “When I watch my early concerts, I hide under the sofa in shame… But I was 15 , it’s charming and great to see this again. Most artists today arrive already being polished, square. For me, it was going all over the place”, she admits.

Izia Higelin goes even further: “I was half naked on stage, I fully enjoyed my sensuality. If it was never a problem for me, because I was really like that, I wiped casts. They looked at me and said, ‘What the hell is the kid doing here?’ What I took in the mouth would be inadmissible now“, she says. A woman of character, Izia Higelin is also the mother of a little boy.

Izia Higelin: proud of her son

And apparently, his little one is destined to make music: “Constantly attached to a guitar, passionate about drums, the kid already seems to be following in his parents’ footsteps. When she’s not going on the road, she puts on a point of honor to go to the exit of the school, convinced that his offspring will desert the place as soon as he has the opportunity”, write our colleagues. Izia Higelin then made a touching confidence: “Another one who will not study! My father said: ‘I am not raising my daughter, I am raising with her.’ I feel the same for my son. He embodies a mirror of carelessness.”

Izïa Higelin © OLIVIER BORDE


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