Behind his broad smile, hides a painful past … If Stéphane Bern is today a happy man, he lived a difficult childhood. Guest on the show Sept à Huit, the flagship host of Secrets d’Histoire notably mentioned his mother, Melita Schlanger, a professional interpreter. While the latter was fluent in five languages, Stéphane Bern confided: “You imagine that when I revised my English or German lessons, I took full face yes.” Raised by a mother who grew up in a strict and beaten up upbringing, the host emotionally revealed: “I was beaten when necessary, because back then corporal punishment existed. And, I haven’t known a day without taking a slap in the face. ” Keeping the good memories, he added: “She gave me a lot of love and tenderness too.”

Moved to tears, Stéphane Bern confided to the journalist: “She is there, every day, with me. My dead live with me! They are permanently in me. I live with my Pantheon. I love them.” Discreet about his private life, it was in the program Le Divan, presented by Marc-Olivier Fogiel in November 2018, that the host had mentioned his relationship with his mother. While he had lacked attention, he confided: “When you don’t know what tenderness is, you can’t miss it. But you do everything to deserve the love of your mother. remember, I was going to throw myself into my mother’s arms, she would say to me: ‘Oh, listen, Stéphane, no effusion!’ “

His taste for great times and crowned heads comes to him from his childhood when he wanted to escape the reality of a family he was convinced was not his. Tonight, # StéphaneBern confides in @audrey_crespo at 7:30 p.m. on @ TF1.

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Stéphane Bern: “I loved my executioner”

In an interview with Point, in 2015, the host assured to have adoration for his mother. “I loved my executioner. I have always loved castrating women. Queen Elizabeth is the climax of this. Her son will only be able to exist the day she dies. And she is the icon of castration, who decorated me … “he shared. A few years earlier, it was on the program Vie privée, vie publique that Stéphane Bern had revealed: “When I was a kid, we only deserved proof of love when we were a good little soldier. have not known a day without my mother slapping me. ” The star of France 2 had however assured that this behavior had been beneficial for his future. “She forged my character. We love someone who is a bit of our tormentor in a way. I loved my mother. I lost her when I was 27, 28 years old. She was very tough, she. wanted me to be perfect, ”he added.

Stéphane Bern © Perusseau-Veeren

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