Laeticia Hallyday is still in mourning. While the widow of Johnny Hallyday celebrated the five years of Johnny’s death, she spoke of his burial in the columns of Parisian. Still moved, she confessed to having painful memories. “I wanted to die, I was in agony. I wanted to go with him. If I hadn’t had my daughters to hang on to…” she confided. According to Laeticia Hallyday, turning the page in her story with the late rocker is unthinkable. “Johnny is 23 years of my life, and not a long calm river… But I made him the promise to continue to make him live and I do it with the orphaned fans. Very few artists have aroused so much of love after their departure. He is immortal. We will no longer be there, that he will always be there, him.” added the widow.

Every year since his death in 2017, Laeticia Hallyday pays tribute to Johnny. She thus goes to the island of Saint-Barthélémy, to her tomb in Lorient, to organize vigils there. “I am very religious, I am part of the parish of Lorient, I go to mass every Sunday here, and I immediately felt after the funeral the need to go to his grave. I was able to stay a month on the island and it became a spiritual ritual, a communion.” added Laeticia Hallyday. Unfortunately, for the tribute of 2022, the daughters of Johnny Hallyday and Laeticia, Jade and Joy, could not move. “For the first time, the girls are not with me at the birthday party. It’s difficult for me but they have the bac and the white patent in Los Angeles” she explained.

Laeticia Hallyday in love and happy

Fortunately, Laeticia Hallyday finds comfort in the arms of director Jalil Lespert. As she also confided in the columns of Parisian, she allows herself to live her love in broad daylight. “Today I can no longer feel guilty about being in love and happy” added Laeticia Hallyday. However, she does not plan to marry him. “The most difficult part of this mourning is that I did not divorce Johnny, life took it from me. I still wear my wedding ring, I will never be able to remarry.” she confided.

However, Jalil Lespert had asked for his sweet engagement in July 2021. It was on the mythical Pont des Arts in Paris that the father of the family had knelt down to ask for Laeticia Hallyday in engagement. According to information from Closer, Jalil Lespert and Laeticia Hallyday had hung two small padlocks on the railing before Jalil knelt down, and Laeticia threw herself around his neck with a big “yes”. A happy event that was then compromised. More than a year after the engagement, the wedding had still not been planned. We now know the real cause…

"I wanted to die": the very harsh words of Laeticia Hallyday on Johnny's funeral

Johnny Hallyday’s funeral © VEEREN

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