That was a little over a year ago. In July 2020, it was in the midst of a pandemic that Orelsan said ‘yes’ to his partner, Ahélya. While photos had leaked in Caen, it was in an interview with the Parisian that the rapper confided: “I saw Facebook groups that were starting to be created and wanted to come to the town hall, but they had the wrong date … But that makes me happy, that is part of the thing. In the meantime, the Covid has arrived and we have adapted. We did a little private thing. Privacy, I was not prepared for to talk about that, I should have taken off my wedding ring … “While the title Paradis evokes his wife, does the song Bébéboa announce the arrival of a child? “It’s a subject … I don’t know what to say … When I see Clem who has three children, it’s cool, and at the same time a lot of work. He’s got a head start. But I don’t. don’t know, we’ll see … Maybe I’ll talk to my wife first, “he said.

In 2017, it was the Public magazine which unveiled the face of Ahélya by sharing a snapshot of the couple during a walk. In the columns of the Swiss daily Le Matin, Orelsan explained: “It’s too weird, I always made sure to preserve my privacy. There, they took a picture of us on a Sunday morning and did some research on my girlfriend to find her name. When we found out, we yelled ‘what?’ But afterwards, I console myself by telling myself that it could have been more bizarre. It does not make me happy, but it is like that. ” In January 2019, it is in Tracké, the podcast of Deezer that the rapper had confided: “I am lucky to have a girlfriend with whom I get along well and then it is true that now, I am in an approach that is not the same as before, where I just work, where I need support. If I did not have a person by my side who supports me, it would be impossible. was having a relationship, I couldn’t be as productive or focused on my music. “

How did Orelsan meet his wife?

If the rapper is very discreet about his private life, it is in the columns of Le Parisien that he confided in July 2018: “We’ve been together for eight years. But we met on MSN well before, at the time of my first album. We didn’t go out right away. Everyone tells us that we look alike. She’s pretty calm, we come from the same area, I’m happy to be back in home, to find someone I’m good with. “

Orelsan © Christophe Clovis

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