His heart stopped for seventeen minutes … At just eight years old, Philippe Katerine underwent open heart surgery. In the program En aparté on Canal +, journalist Nathalie Levy recalled: “You experienced a rather edifying episode during your young years. You should have died. You had an open heart operation and it was almost experimental. You were eight years old. ” The actor recalled: “It was in 76. It was still a little experimental operation. So there was obviously a risk of death. I saw death at one point. opened the door. I saw death. And then it closed pretty quickly. ” Explaining what he had seen when he was close to death, Philippe Katerine confided: “I can assure you that what I saw was adorable. It was very, very cute, what I have vu. I am very serious. I work a lot on this memory that I have and which comes back to me more and more precisely. “

While the journalist asked him if he was serious, the actor assured: “It’s very colorful. It’s soft. It smells good. And above all, there is no gravity. No need to to eat, everything is easy and particularly comfortable. ” Two years earlier, it was in the program Clique that Philippe Katerine had explained: “I had a hole in my heart, as big as a 5-franc piece. I was plugged with a pig’s skin, which is the most compatible skin with the human body, as we know. ” In the columns of Full Life, the one who also had a heart murmur had confided: “I was operated at 8 years old. My heart stopped beating 17 minutes, during which it was replaced by a machine, before to leave. It’s not nothing. “

Philippe Katerine: “I was no longer the same”

In all transparency, the companion of Julie Depardieu had explained: “It is true that my heart stopped for 17 minutes. It is true that when I am late for an appointment, I look at my watch and most of it. time is 17 minutes. Is hindsight being late? Often times, I react slowly. I’m often 17 minutes late in my head too. ” Assuring that this surgical act had changed him, he added: “My first instinct on coming home was to dig the garden, I had never done it before. I felt that I had to do it. fruitful things, I was no longer the same. I had had two births. “

Philippe Katerine © COADIC GUIREC

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