Since the beginning of the Russian invasion in Ukraine, many personalities have spoken. Invited on the Buzz TV show, Vincent Niclo has agreed to engage in this war. Assuring that he did not have the heart to celebrate, the singer confided: “It’s a disaster! You know, I’m like everyone else, I open the morning newspaper on the news channels and I see this horror That’s how I open the show (Sidaction evening, editor’s note), saying: ‘You know, we have war at the gates of Europe.’ And it’s true, it’s near our house, be careful. Me, I went to sing in kyiv, I went to sing in Odessa. I don’t recognize the places anymore. It’s terrible what’s going on , but there are also messages. I find that at our small level, we can always do things.”

Shocked by what the Ukrainian people are going through, Vincent Niclo said: “You know, I saw the other time on the news, it brought tears to my eyes, I saw an Italian pianist, but who lives in Germany He came with his piano, he went to the border in Poland and it may seem nothing, compared to what is happening, to the horrors… But you know, there are plenty of people who are mobilized. I saw a lawyer who was disguised as a rooster and who came to welcome the children… Everyone can do something!” He added later: “There was an evening elsewhere to raise funds for Ukraine too, there, I was asked to go and sing again in another… As artists , we can do things, but also as a citizen. Personally, I consider myself a citizen first and foremost, and we can also do things on a daily basis, help associations, make donations… There are a lot of things to make !”

Vincent Niclo: “We are all impacted”

To conclude this interview, the interpreter of Since you are leaving added: “I have no words for what is happening. We are all impacted. It weighs a lot, and that’s also why we need to have entertainment.”

Vincent Niclo © COADIC GUIREC

Lara T.
Lara T.

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