On May 18, 2002, Laurette Fugain disappeared. Carried away by leukemia at the age of 22, she will leave behind her loved ones in mourning. An immense pain that Marie Fugain, her sister wanted to mention in the columns of Gala. Ten years after the death of Laurette, the actress released a book, called Me, no one ever asked me how I was. A title filled with emotion: “I really lost a piece of me, because my sister was part of my life and my construction. I grew up with her, I entrusted her with a lot of things, we are balanced, in complicity but also in adversity, and all of a sudden, all that was taken away from me. I still had my little brother, but we are twenty years apart, so it’s not not the same,” she says.

But when the drama hit his family, his parents said a sentence that will unfortunately remain etched in his memory: “My parents said ‘I died with my daughter’ and I was very angry with them for this sentence. Afterwards, we explained themselves and I said to them: ‘you can’t say that because there are two left.’ I was 28 at the time, but I don’t think there is an age to need your parents. I wouldn’t say my world collapsed, but the mother ship collapsed. I got pregnant right after, so I had no right to collapse,” she continues.

Marie Fugain pays tribute to her sister

This sad anniversary, Marie Fugain celebrates it every year, to pay tribute to her sister: “Every year, as this date approaches, I go into my cave. I know that I’m going to be at home, I’m not going especially moving. I always have a little countdown in my head that happens naturally. I would say that it’s fine, anyway, you learn to live with it. But it’s like a kind of natural homage that I make to him every year, even if she lives with me every day. But it’s like a personal date that I have with her, we are not necessarily reunited as a family. It’s really something that I want to do it alone with her”. Heartbreaking words, for a woman, forever bruised.

Marie Fugain © COADIC GUIREC

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