Orelsan told by his brother. Friday, September 15, Amazon Prime will put online a documentary series in six episodes that traces the life and career of the rapper, from the 1990s to today. A behind-the-scenes report, which promises memorable sequences. Passing on the set of Quotidien this Wednesday, October 13, Aurélie Cotentin (real name) and her little brother, Clément, have unveiled several extracts from Show never that to anyone. And in particular an interview with Orelsan … about his amorous conquests. And the least we can say is that the rapper was not really a heartbreaker. “I’m not particularly successful,” says a very young Orelsan first, not really at ease to confide in a camera like this.

“I do not count a bunch of girls either. No … I never had a chat. What I did was I tisait (I drank, editor’s note) until I the courage to approach a girl. And in fact, the time that I have the courage … I was dead, “continued Orelsan, who also explained how to use humor to win the hearts of young girls. Since then, water has flowed under the bridges. Although the rapper is very discreet when it comes to his private life, he is fulfilled. And for over a decade. Before falling in love, he was friends with the one for whom he wrote Paradis. “We met on MSN [a popular mailbox in the early 2000s] long before, when I was making my first album, Orelsan told Le Parisien. We didn’t go out right away. world tells us that we are alike. ”

Orelsan: “She’s quite calm, we come from the same area”

“She’s pretty calm, we come from the same area, I’m happy to come home to find someone I’m good with,” he continued. At 20 minutes, Orelsan explained why he had decided to write love songs to his sweetheart. “I’ve been wanting to write a love song like this for a long time, uncompromising love. And then, it was something that I had never really felt before. And once you feel that, you get over it. Hang on to it. You say to yourself, whatever happens in my life, I have that. It’s ultra reassuring, “confided the rapper. Very much in love, the two would have taken the step of marriage in 2020. The banns announcing the next unions were posted at the town hall of Caen and among the names of the future bride and groom is that of the artist, Aurélien Cotentin … before d ‘ be withdrawn. And since then, we do not know if Orelsan put the ring on his Paradise finger.

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