For several decades, Roman Polanski has been the subject of numerous accusations of rape. In total, twelve women point the finger at him. Among them, actress Charlotte Lewis, star of the film Pirates (1986). She broke the silence in 2010, and in the middle of the Cannes Film Festival, assuring that the filmmaker would have raped her. The facts allegedly took place in her apartment on avenue Montaigne in Paris in 1983. She was only a teenager at the time. If the British actress was the subject of a violent campaign which aimed to discredit her, two witnesses now corroborate her account, starting with the ex-model Karen Smith who would have introduced her to Emmanuelle’s husband Seigner, convinced that she could play the main role of Pirates.

Karen Smith would also have been present the night of the alleged facts, finding Charlotte Lewis the next day, “disheveled, very groggy, dizzy and struggling to stand on her feet”, according to comments relayed by the daily Le Parisien this Friday, December 17 . Furious when the young girl revealed to her that she had been raped, she allegedly confronted Roman Polanski. The latter then made puzzling statements, arguing that women could not “control themselves” around him. “I am Roman Polanski. I make women famous”, he would then have launched. “After that night, Roman tried to get me away from Charlotte,” remembers Karen Smith. Which didn’t stop him from asking a friend to protect Charlotte Lewis on the set of Pirates.

A defamation complaint against Roman Polanski

Enough to revive the controversy that has surrounded Roman Polanski for several years, aggravated by his César for best director won in 2020 for the film J’accuse. And if she accuses him of rape, Charlotte Lewis has also opted for legal action against the director. And this, for defamation following comments made in December 2019, during an interview with Paris Match magazine. At the time of the facts, the principal concerned denied the accusation of rape of the actress, evoking a “heinous lie.” Before continuing: “[we] should interview shrinks, scientists, historians, whatever.” He was indicted in the process and therefore has not finished with the courts.

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