Now 45 years old, Diane Kruger is the mother of a little girl born in November 2018, from her relationship with actor Norman Reedus. Always very discreet about her private life and in particular about her daughter, whose first name she has never revealed, she nevertheless agreed to return to motherhood in the columns of Marie Claire, on December 7, 2021.

The German-American actress who met her boyfriend on the set of the movie Sky explained that she never had a desire for motherhood when she was younger. She said: “I loved my life without children, traveling the way I wanted to, never resting, having a lot of fun – even if just because you have kids doesn’t mean you don’t have fun anymore! maternal fiber, moreover, was foreign to me “. Diane Kruger has said that she never really liked babies until recently.

Diane Kruger: “My daughter arrived as a nice surprise”.

Diane Kruger and The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus began their relationship in 2016, when Diane Kruger was starting to crave motherhood, but didn’t think it was even possible. She said: “By the time it came, I thought it was too late, so my boyfriend and I weren’t even trying to have a child. My daughter came in like a pretty girl. surprise”.

This pretty surprise ended up turning his life upside down. The actress known for her role as Abigail Chase in Benjamin Gates was able to get closer to her own mother with the arrival of her daughter: “When my daughter was born, I realized how much maternal love could to be unconditional, how much my mother understood my doubts, my anxieties, as a young mother. And how great she was with my daughter “. Today, Diane Kruger’s daughter fills her with happiness and has even succeeded in restoring the taste of life to her grandmother.

Diane Kruger © PacificPressAgency

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