A tragedy that marked an entire family. 20 years ago, on May 18, 1992, Laurette Fugain died at the age of 22, from leukemia. A death that deeply hurt his father, singer Michel Fugain, as well as the rest of his family. In an interview with Gala on Tuesday, her sister Marie said she lost “one of her lungs” that day…

Every year, on this same date, Marie Fugain wishes to stay at home to live this difficult day and try to mourn. “I always have a little countdown in my head that happens naturally (…) It’s like a kind of natural tribute that I pay her every year, even if she lives with me every day. But it is like a personal appointment that I have with her“, she explained to our colleagues, specifying that the family does not necessarily meet to face this painful day together.

Marie Fugain: “She asked them if it was difficult to end it”

Marie Fugain also took advantage of this interview to make revelations about her sister, and a delicate subject that the latter had avoided addressing with her family: euthanasia. “I found out afterwards that she had asked the nurses questions. She had asked them if it was difficult to end it, if she could be helped. She would never have told us about it because she knew that We didn’t talk about that in the family. She suspected that she would have finished us off and that we would have said to her: ‘you don’t have the right’. At the same time, even if I would not have accepted that she talks to me about it, I could have understood, “said Marie Fugain. It must be said that a few days before dying, Laurette “was at the end of her strength (…) She was really tired, her body couldn’t take it anymore.”

Since the disappearance of the young woman, her mother, Stéphanie, founded the association Laurette Fugain. “Anesthetized by the pain caused by his departure, I want to make sense of this nonsense. His words come back to me, the wait for pockets of platelets, for a bone marrow donor, for treatment. The wait in the face of the emergency. Leading the fight that Laurette had imagined then becomes obvious,” she wrote on the association’s page.

Marie Fugain © CEDRIC PERRIN

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