Far from worldliness. An American named Miranda Zilkowsky admits that she can’t stand pregnancy-related social events. Reason why she and her husband would have kept the pregnancy a secret for 9 months, reports Au Féminin. Although surprising, this decision has obviously had positive results since Miranda Zilkowsky is very pleased with it. It was in a TikTok video, which quickly went viral, that she explained her choice and where she said that “it was probably one of the best decisions ever made”.

“We didn’t have a baby shower or a gender reveal party, and that’s fine…Because look at us now,” she added. Thus, the couple lived privileged moments together such as the discovery of the sex of the baby, for example. The magazine underlines the fact that the couple simply could not stand the indiscretions often linked to pregnancy such as opinions on the first name that one never asks, indiscreet questions which fall within the private domain or even these people who touch the belly. without asking permission. Although all of these things are normal, harmless, Miranda Zilkowsky and her husband simply did not want them.

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Miranda Zilkowsky had no trouble hiding her pregnancy

Normally, it is simply impossible to hide a pregnancy. After all, a belly that grows again and again for 9 months does not hide. However, Miranda Zilkowsky explains that hiding her pregnancy was not difficult for her. Indeed, Miranda Zilkowsky works at home as a “freelancer”. His private life therefore remains very private, far from the social life of a business life. Despite Miranda Zilkowsky took the trouble to warn her mother and had organized a surprise for her father as an official announcement at the end of the 30th week of pregnancy.

"I hid my pregnancy for 9 months and it was one of the best decisions of my life"

“I hid my pregnancy for 9 months and it was one of the best decisions of my life” © Pexels

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