A traumatic moment. Being a public figure is not always easy and it is not Bradley Cooper who will say the opposite. However, like any normal person, he sometimes takes public transport when he needs to go somewhere. This was the case in 2019 and it’s a moment the actor has never forgotten. Invited during an episode of the Armchair Expert podcast, hosted by Dax Shepard on November 29, he recalled the day he was targeted by an armed individual. “I was in New York, in the subway, to go pick up my daughter Léa”, he first explained. “I used to walk around New York all the time – before the pandemic – I was on the subway at 11:45 am to pick up Léa in town, at the Russian school and I was held up by a knife “, he then clarified. A situation that could have degenerated very badly if Bradley Cooper had not immediately reacted. “It was a pretty crazy event, I realized I was much, much too comfortable in the city,” he concluded.

He could have gone there. Regarding the facts, Bradley Cooper said he “let your guard down. I was at the end of the subway. Innocently, I just wanted to go to the end of the line,” he said. While he was wearing his headphones on, he recalled “sensing somebody coming. I thought,“ Oh, they want to take a picture or something. ”However, that wasn’t the case. . “When I turned around I found myself against the post like in ‘The French Connection’ or whatever, and I turned around. I looked down and saw a knife, “he continued. A very shocking moment for the actor, who said he had time to visualize the weapon.” She had to measure closely. ten centimeters long, “he said. It was quickly that, instinctively, Bradley Cooper claimed to have” started running. I jumped over the turnstile, hid around the metro entrance and pulled out my phone. “The goal?” Take two pictures of my attacker, “he concluded.

Bradley Cooper threatened with knife: was he stabbed?

Following this incident, Bradley Cooper immediately went to see two police officers to show them the photos of his attacker. One of the two asked him if he had been grabbed. To which the actor replied in the negative. “What is happening is people are stabbed and are in shock,” he said. “I looked to see if he was right. It was crazy. Then I went back to the subway and picked up my daughter,” he concluded. A story that could have ended badly if Bradley Cooper had been injured.

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