Emotion in As an aside this May 3. Guy Marchand was the guest of Nathalie Levy on Canal +, for which he returned to his entire rich career as an actor, singer, but also as a writer and boxer. A multi-talented man who at 84 has lost nothing in repartee or humor. From his particularly careful hygiene which has always seduced women, to his César for Best Actor in a Supporting Role, the actor soon to appear in Les folies fermières does not have a tongue in his pocket.

Invited to comment on his song “Destinée”, a tube he sings in Les sous-doués en vacances, Guy Marchand remembered an unlikely anecdote. While Nathalie Levy expected to see the interpreter of Nestor Burma close, since he would have declared not to support the title also used for a slow in Santa Claus is a garbage, the latter was on the contrary delighted : “But not at all! It’s me, I’m that. I’m this kind of white clown.”, he says, pointing to the screen where his character of dashing seducer appears.

Guy Marchand: “The copyright was stolen from me!”

While the presenter insists, “You haven’t always agreed with this song”, Guy Marchand throws at her: “I’ll tell you the truth, it’s that the copyright was stolen from me! Always stories of money, somewhere huh, I’m a little sordid.”, he regrets. A comical confidence that joins the incredible story of the song, co-written by the director Vladimir Cosma in 1982, who will later offer it to the Splendid to replace a song by Julio Iglesias. Guy Marchand was inspired by the tune of “Indian Summer” by Joe Dassin, which he played backwards, in order to find a melody for this honeyed ballad that the crooner he plays – and “claims ” – in The Under-gifted uses to seduce. The secrets of the tube are now complete.

Guy Marchand © Canal +

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