Queen Elizabeth II of England has always loved corgis.
Throughout her reign, Elizabeth II of England, who died at the age of 96, had about thirty.
Queen Elizabeth II’s very first corgi has passed away after 15 years in her company.

Throughout her 70-year reign, Elizabeth II of England has always had very loyal companions. These are of course the Pembroke Welshi Corgi inseparable from the image of the late queen. People magazine, quoted by Vanity Fair, reveals a very surprising and touching letter from the monarch about the loss of her very first royal dog. Susan, Queen Elizabeth II received her when she was six weeks old. This is the ancestor of many dogs who accompanied the reign of the monarch who died at the age of 96, says Vanity Fair.

Between the Corgis and Queen Elizabeth II of England, it’s a real love story. As for Susan, the royal dog accompanied Elizabeth II for 15 years. Elizabeth II’s first corgi died on January 26, 1959. According to Caroline L. Perry, Elizabeth II was 18 when Susan came into her life. The mother of King Charles III of England was still “Princess of England”. Susan is “buried on the Sandringham Estate with a special headstone reading: ‘For nearly 15 years the Queen’s faithful companion’,” the author told People magazine.

Elizabeth II: the Queen of England had always feared losing her first royal dog

In its January 27, 2023 article, Vanity Fair magazine reveals Elizabeth II’s letter to her veterinarian. Doctor Harold Swan took care of Susan until her last breath. “I would like to thank you for all you did for my dear old Susan when she fell ill… I had always dreaded losing her since she has been with me since she was six weeks old,” can -we read in the letter.

“I had always feared losing her”: this very astonishing letter from Elizabeth II revealed in broad daylight

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