The singer, Garou, is the father of a one and only child who was born in July 2001. This girl whose name is Emelie is 20 years old now and the singer admits that he cannot believe it. It was on the show La table du dimanche that he confided in his relationship with his daughter, the fruit of his relationship with Ulrika, the Swedish model.

The singer had taken a break from his stage life to live alone in his forest in Quebec. He was thus able to produce maple syrup and spend more time with his daughter, Emelie. He is a father trying to make up for lost time with his daughter. Moreover, he confided that he could not believe that his daughter was already 20 years old. “I find it difficult to see her grow up. I see her as if she were still 7 years old”, he explained to Laurent Mariotte, on Europe 1. “We have so many things to tell each other that we tells the depth of life and it creates a relationship that has nothing to do with routine”, continues the artist. Garou concludes his words by admitting that his daughter tells him a little too much about his life. “When we meet up with my daughter, we drive two hours and then blah-blah-blah. She tells me too much sometimes! I don’t want to know everything!”, He confided.

Garou stole Emelie’s music

Garou’s daughter has always refused to make music, according to Pure People. However, during the pandemic, the singer would have offered him a maple ukulele. However, in just 24 hours, the young woman got used to the instrument and even began to compose. In fact, her father even translated a title she wrote with his permission. Garou even stole a piece of music from Emelie in order to create a new one that he plays during his tours.

Garou © Tiziano Da Silva – Cyril Moreau

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