She no longer wishes to be silent… Almost ten years after the events, it was on Tuesday January 11, 2022 that Fanny Agostini went to the police station in the 16th arrondissement of Paris to file a complaint against Jean-Jacques Bourdin. Faced with investigators, the 33-year-old woman assured that the television star had tried to kiss her during a press trip to Calvi, Corsica. In the columns of Le Parisien, she explained: “Today, I am tidy, peaceful. But for years, I went to work with fear in my stomach, completely stressed. I file a complaint with the conviction that other women are concerned and that this will perhaps free up the voices of other women.”

If Jean-Jacques Bourdin firmly denies the facts of which he is accused, it is in a Mediapart investigation that Fanny Agostini has agreed to make some confidences in their very tense relationship. Assuring that the latter had “taken a dislike to her” as soon as she arrived on RMC, she thus assured: “Just before going on air, he snatched my sheet from me, saying that there was no notes at his house. Obviously, I hadn’t learned the bulletin by heart, I was completely helpless, I started to stammer and invent temperatures. When the advertisement arrived, he shouted in the editorial staff: ‘She sucks! I don’t want her in my house anymore!’ I went to cry in a small cabin.” Recalling this period, she added: “I was told that you had to be very respectful with Bourdin, to go in his direction, not to hurt him. He could make and break careers.”

Fanny Agostini: “I was very uncomfortable”

Finally, it was after “having made peace” that the duo found themselves at the Calvi Petanque Open, in Corsica. So, Jean-Jacques Bourdin would have behaved inappropriately. “He started swimming parallel to me, while starting to compliment me, telling me that I had changed, that he didn’t see me like that. I was super uncomfortable, the tight stomach”, revealed the young journalist.

Fanny Agostini © COADIC GUIREC

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