It was on November 20, 2022 that the lives of Shanna Kress and Jonathan Matijas changed forever with the birth of their son. The lovers had waited a week before revealing the most beautiful meeting of their lives by revealing the first name of their son: Loüka. “The happiest day of our lives has arrived, our son is by our side. Since your birth, we have known what it means to be proud and fulfilled. We have become your Dad and your Mom. And since your parents have been waiting for you all their life, we decided to cut ourselves off from the world, to create a bubble of love to enjoy every second of your arrival and to learn how to be the parents you deserve“, they wrote in the caption of a snapshot of them three.

After staying away from social networks for several days to stay in their bubble, Shanna Kress came out of silence on Monday December 5, 2022 to reveal the video of her childbirth on her YouTube page. In a 45-minute video, fans of the couple were able to follow their departure from the maternity ward as well as all the work of the former Marseille star. Finally, they also revealed the first moments with their son. “I don’t hide from you that it was very weird when they put it on me, when it came out, I had a little trouble (…) In the end, I’m getting used to it little by little, I look at him, I say to myself: ‘He’s my son, he’s too handsome, too cute’. It’s a real delirium, I admit,” she said. Before giving birth to her son, the young mother suffered a lot. Between her arrival at the maternity ward and the epidural break, she said she had never felt such pain.

Shanna Kress never thought she could ever feel so much love

After staying a few days in the maternity ward, the lovers were able to return home to three, for the first time in their lives. Back home, she confided in her new role in her life. “I’m in love with my son. I really didn’t think you could feel like that, at this point, especially me who never wanted children, who was downright depressed at the beginning when I got pregnant because my body is changing,” she explained. For his part, Jonatahn Matijas confided in an open heart. He never stopped thanking his partner for having given him this gift of allowing him to become a dad. “When I see you with him (…) it’s the most beautiful image a man can hope for (…) I am a fulfilled man”, he said.

In the rest of their secrets, the happy parents explained why they did not want to reveal the face of their son. “We really want to preserve his personality (…) He’s a full-fledged being. It’s not just Shanna and Jonathan’s son, we want to give him the opportunity himself if he wants to to be known, to be on the networks, and also to protect it a lot from this world (…) We will not be able to show it to you, the priority is to preserve it”, they confided.

"I do a lot of water my love": Shanna Kress reveals her childbirth on video

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