Almost two years after the death of Christophe, from the consequences of Covid-19, his last great love, Bénédicte, came out of silence in the columns of Paris Match, Thursday March 31, 2022. The mother of the family explained that she had met the singer on March 12, 2018, during an exceptional concert at the Philarmonie de Paris. She accompanied her son, then 18 years old, who had a film project with the artist. “Before him, I was nothing, I was poor in everything. He gave me a life,” she confided before revealing a little more about their relationship. If he tried to seduce her on many occasions, she did not want to succumb to the temptation. “He was older than me, a little older even, and I didn’t want to have sex with him. It became a pact between us: I would be there for him, as long as we didn’t sleep together “, she revealed again.

At 48, despite the many advances of the singer, she does not give in and would have understood, according to our colleagues from Paris Match, that frustration would be the engine of their story. “Christophe was an immense seducer, who had up to nine women at the same time. Some stayed close to him, others disappeared. But you never really leave Christophe when you loved him”, continued Bénédicte . During their many exchanges, the singer spoke of his stories to the one he was in love with.

Bénédicte assured that Christophe was a “true sex maniac”

“He was a real sex maniac, it’s true. He was not comfortable with the #MeToo movement, it’s also true. But a woman will never reproach him for anything”, assured again the one who tries to recover from the tragic disappearance of the singer.

Christophe © COADIC GUIREC

Lara T.
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