The New Year was not easy for Jazz and Laurent. Indeed, at the time of the transition to the new year 2023, the couple had a violent argument. In question ? The state of intoxication of the father of the family. It all started with an evening that Jazz did not expect. “Yes, my year started very badly, it’s true (…) We had a good start to New Year’s Day, everything was fine. Then Laurent told me that he wanted to stop by a friend for a drink. , then that after we returned. […] During this evening there were a lot of people. I did not expect such a huge party. I thought it was an evening at home with friends, not a club” she explained on her Instagram account.

Jazz: “I was furious”

Unfortunately for Jazz, the evening took another turn. “Laurent was in a party mood. So that night it’s true that I argued with Laurent. I never talk about my arguments with my husband. But yes indeed I argued really hard. Because I was furious that he put us in this position. It was a position that was risky. Because there were a lot of people. […] So we had a serious fight. And frankly, that shocked. Because we never argue in public. […] Laurent was really in mode ‘tonight is the party'” added the mother of Chelsea, Cayden and London.

According to her, she even wanted to leave at that time. “I wasn’t happy at all. It’s true that we argued and it’s also true that I decided to break up. Because I had been trying to reason with him for two hours. [ …] The confusion was really between Laurent and me because he didn’t want to come back. I thought we weren’t at all in our element. It wasn’t my delirium. […] I’m telling you clearly, I’m ashamed. Having to justify myself publicly, it pisses me off. […] I felt naked. I was super embarrassed. […] But yes indeed, I was very very angry with Laurent for the past two days.” concluded Jazz. But everything seems to be back to normal since then.

"I decided to break up": Jazz Correia furious with her husband, their New Year's party goes wrong

Jazz Correia and Laurent © Instagram

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