A friendship of more than 20 years. At the end of the 90s, Garou’s career took off thanks to his interpretation of Quasimodo in the famous musical, Notre-Dame de Paris. During a performance, a very special guest is present in the audience: Celine Dion. Won over by Garou’s performance, she decides to talk to her husband, René Angelil, about him. The producer will then contact the singer with whom he will work for more than eight years. A collaboration on which Garou had returned in the columns of Parisian. “He upset, transformed my career. In Canada, he was the boss. His view of our common passion for music was very important (…) He always made his decisions with the public in mind”, he confided. .

At the time of the death of René Angélil, who died on January 14, 2016 from throat cancer, Garou had chosen to publish a tweet to pay tribute to the husband of the Canadian diva. “Even when we know it’s going to happen, it hurts a lot. Thank you René for these Great moments. You are rare, you are still My Boss! My sincere sympathy to you Céline and to the whole team of hearts, big hearts . René bequeaths us the most beautiful values”, he had written.

Garou: “We had a unique bond”

But over time, Garou and Céline Dion moved away, after having shared very beautiful personal and professional moments, in particular their unforgettable duet of Sous le vent, which was also an idea of ​​René. Invited on the show En Aparté this Wednesday, April 13, the hoarse-voiced artist confided in his friendship with Celine Dion. “We were very, very close with Céline, I don’t think she understood when I cut ties with them,” he admitted, before adding: “When we meet, it’s magic because there are lots of things that happen in our eyes because there was all this complicity, a real connection (…) We had a unique complicity”.

Garou, aware of having his responsibility in this estrangement, indicated having “the impression of having betrayed something”. “At the same time I know that she understands that I remain a wild animal”, he concluded.

Garou and Celine Dion © Patrick Carpentier

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