A friendship that lasts! In 1996, it was on the set of the movie Titanic that Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio met for the first time. If the two stars have only given each other a second time in 2009 in Noces Rebelles, they have remained close over the years. Due to the health crisis, Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio unfortunately could not see each other for a long time. While they recently met in Los Angeles, it was in an interview with The Guardian that the actress said: “I couldn’t stop crying. I have known him for more than half. of my life! It’s not like I got to find myself in New York or that he traveled to London and there was a chance for us to have dinner or have a coffee and catch up with the wasted time.”

Very moved by evoking this reunion, Kate Winslet explained: “We could not leave our countries. Like so many people in the world who are friends, we missed each other because of the Covid. He is my friend, my very close friend. We are bound for life. ” Four years earlier, it was in the columns of Marie Claire that the actress had made tender secrets about her friendship with Leonardo DiCaprio. “I think the reason our friendship lasts is that there has never been anything romantic. It must be hard for some to hear because in their imaginations Kate and Leo fell in love. at first glance and have exchanged millions of kisses when we have never done so, “she said.

A unique friendship

Faithful in friendship, Leonardo DiCaprio offered a few years ago an engraved gold ring to Kate Winslet, which the latter wears next to her wedding ring. Proof of their friendship, the actor witnessed the pretty blonde’s marriage to Edward Abel Smith in 2012 and is also the godfather of their son, Bear. Proud of his friend, the actor revealed about her during the promotion of The Wolf of Wall Street: “She’s an amazing person. She’s so genuine. I love this girl.”

Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet © GOFF INF

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