Four weeks. This is the time that has passed since the death of Guillaume Durand’s mother. Still very saddened by his disappearance, the journalist took to his Twitter account to deliver “a few immodest words for all those who feel this.” “God may my mom come back. I can’t stand this brutal absence,” he wrote. A message that did not fail to move Internet users. “You never get used to it”, “Sincere condolences”, “Support, courage”, “It’s even harder when you don’t expect it”, “I feel the pain. Mine has us left a year ago and I still can’t realize it. Peace to their souls”, “We never get over it, but we live with it”, can we for example read in the comments.

God that my mom comes back. I can’t stand this brutal absence. These few immodest words for all those who feel that

— Guillaume Durand (@guillaum_durand) February 22, 2023

As a reminder, it was on January 26, 2023 that Guillaume Durand’s mother passed away. On the day of his death, the latter shared the following message: “My dear Mum left us yesterday. The Parisian art world will remember Nicole Durand. She accompanied my father and their modest and inventive gallery all her life. .Thank you to the Corentin Celton hospital for relieving her suffering. Let’s have lunch on the grass was also for her.”

The day after Christmas in the year 2021, the journalist already lost his dad. The news was announced by Le Carnet du Figaro: “Nicole Durand is sad to announce the death of her husband, Lucien Durand, art dealer, who died on December 26, 2020, in his hundredth year. Pain shared by his sons, Guillaume, Blaise and Matthieu, and their wives”, could we read in the newspaper.

Guillaume Durand in mourning: he also fights against the disease

Note that if he has to face the death of his mother, which occurred two years after that of his father, Guillaume Durand is also fighting to get back in shape. Indeed, the journalist has just come out of an operation he underwent for his jaw cancer.

"I can't stand this...": Guillaume Durand still deeply hurt by the death of his mother

Guillaume Durand © Agency

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