Should we sanction unvaccinated people? This is the question that Pascal Praud and his guests asked themselves on the hour of the Pros this Monday, January 10. Before leaving room for debate, the presenter wished to broadcast a subject on this theme. In it, we could find several speakers, including Doctor Jérôme Marty. For this general practitioner, we should not punish the unvaccinated, but rather those he calls “disinformers” and who are, for him, the real responsible. At the end of the topic, Pascal Praud turned to one of his guests, the epidemiologist Martin Blachier, to find out if he felt targeted by the words of his colleague. And the latter’s response was final.

“I think I have a level of information that is much higher than his simply because epidemiology is my discipline,” began the infectious disease specialist. For several months, the two men have not stopped sending criticism through the media, and Martin Blachier did not fail to add a layer on Monday on the CNews set. “He does cancel culture. Jérôme Marty said on a plate, in front of me:” As soon as there is a person who would risk going to intensive care, we should continue to put restrictive measures in all the population “. These are people who are not used to reasoning with numbers or volumes. They are completely out of step with reality”, he tackled, considering that Jérôme Marty was a

Martin Blachier “What Jérôme Marty says is not widely sourced”

“He is not an imprisoner Jérôme Marty”, then retorted Pascal Praud to show his disagreement. “If so”, persisted Martin Blachier. “He signed all the forums to close the schools. So he is someone who has not stopped for a year and a half to close the schools. And I as the father of three children, I want considerably. And besides, in general, what he says is not very sourced. And he says that I am the disinformer?! We know what we are talking about, we have made models and when we come on TV shows, it is to provide extremely sourced information, which is not the case, “concluded the epidemiologist. Jérôme Marty should not fail to answer him again if the opportunity arises.

Martin Blachier © CNews

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