“I am free!” : how Prince William celebrated his separation from Kate Middleton

Before forming one of the flagship couples of the British monarchy, Kate Middleton and Prince William lived a checkered history. Always marked by the divorce of his parents, Lady Diana and Prince Charles, the Duke of Cambridge had chosen to break up with the young woman, after four years of love, considering that he was still too young to commit. And according to the information of this Sunday, November 29 of the British tabloid The Daily Mail, the second in line for the throne of England celebrated this separation by going to his favorite London nightclub, Mahiki. His celibacy, the young 24-year-old prince he was celebrated by standing on a table to shout a sentence heavy with meaning, while the break had not yet been revealed to the general public: “I am free! ”

Later, still according to our colleagues, Prince William indulged in his best “robot dance” before suggesting to his friends to “drink the menu.” The news of her separation from Kate Middleton was made public the next day, in April 2007. And if the grandson of Her Majesty Elizabeth II had opted for the party to better heal from this sentimental disappointment, Kate Middleton s is given to the same stratagem. During the months of April and May 2007, the mother therefore multiplied the festive evenings in the company of her sister Pippa, who had become her roommate. “She had always placed William first and she said to herself that it was a chance to do something for herself,” a relative of the Duchess told the Daily Mail. After roaming the London evenings, she had flown to the island of Ibiza with her brother James and his friends … without suspecting that a reconciliation with Prince William awaited her.

Separated to better find each other

But after the euphoria of a regained freedom, Prince William had doubts. Heartbroken, Kate Middleton had resumed contact with the Duke in June 2007. A month later, patched up in the shadows, the lovebirds appeared together at a concert at Wembley Stadium, on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the death of Lady Diana. Discreet, they were seated separately, the young woman installed with her younger brother two rows away from her beloved. The rest of the story is well known. In November 2010, Kate Middleton and Prince William formalized their engagement, the future bride wearing the ring of one who would have been her stepmother, a sumptuous sapphire adorned with white diamonds. On April 29, 2011, their breakup far behind them, they said “yes” to each other for life before welcoming three adorable children.

Separated in April 2007 © © Planet Photos / KCS PRESSE

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