In the 1990s, the “package killer” or “the package killer” killed four women in total. This serial killer was in Missouri. More than 30 years later, we learn that he lured his victims, prostitutes and mothers, to his home. He locked them in the basement and then strangled them and wrapped them up. The body of one of his victims, Robyn Mihan, 18, “was discovered in Lincoln County, left by the side of a road, ‘wrapped’ between two mattresses”, reports in its article for September 21, 2022. The corpse of another victim, Sandy Little, 21, was found by the side of a busy road bundled up in a wooden box.

Another body was found in a trash can. It was thanks to advances in DNA technology that this serial killer was found. DNA analysis identified Gary Muehlberg, a 73-year-old man. He happens to have a life sentence for the murder of Kenneth “Doc” Atchison since 1993. He is currently incarcerated in Potosi Jail, south of St. Louis. These are clues found at the scene of the crime of Robyn Mihan, one of his victims, which made it possible to make the link with him.

He couldn’t believe we could find him after more than 30 years.

The “parcel killer” easily confessed to being the author of these murders. “A detective went this year to see Muehlberg in prison. The latter was so amazed that he was presented with evidence 32 years after the facts that he was initially unable to speak,” says He then confessed everything during a second visit. In addition to the feminicides of Mihan, Pruitt and Little, the 73-year-old serial killer confessed to killing another woman by the name of Donna Reitmeyer.

Hunted for more than 30 years, the serial killer who bundled up women was behind bars

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