The father and son are famous, but a fun fact about David Hallyday is not widespread: his participation in the film The Hunger Games, Revolt: part 2, broadcast this Thursday, April 14 on TMC. Yes, if it is especially in the musical world that Johnny Hallyday and his son David have made themselves known, the son of the rocker has still tried the big screens. This is why the most seasoned eyes may have seen it pass in the sequel and end of the Hunger Games saga entitled “The Revolt: Part 2”. It is however a question of being well concentrated since David Hallyday only plays in a very small scene which, like other films of the franchise, was shot in the Paris region. Not long ago it was the Palacio d’Abraxas that we were talking about for a scene with Katniss and all her group, but it was at the Château de Voisins that David Hallyday was present.

According to Le Point, David Hallyday wanted to appear in the film and therefore applied for a role as an extra. Something that, thanks to his Californian agency, he obtained and it is therefore a guard responsible for monitoring President Snow that the singer plays. To see it, you have to go see the scene in which Katniss Everdeen, played by Jennifer Lawrence, goes to visit Snow after the latter has been taken prisoner. It is in his greenhouse, where he grows his precious roses, that she finds him and in front of the door, standing guard, are two soldiers including David Hallyday.

David Hallyday had announced his presence in Hunger Games on social networks

The appearance is short but had been talked about when the film was released, before it fell more or less into oblivion. It must be said that The Hunger Games, The Revolt: Part 2 was released in 2015 at the cinema and since David Hallyday’s scene only lasts a few seconds and we can barely recognize him with his long black cape and his serious look , it could hardly have been a memorable moment. Especially since the last film in the saga contains many clearly remarkable scenes that make this moment when Katniss crosses paths with the guards relatively insignificant. With its five-star cast and its little anecdotes that we still discover over the years, the saga of Suzanne Collins has definitely not finished talking about it.

David Hallyday © Marc Ausset Lacroix

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