Human Ken Rodrigo Alves Continues Metamorphosis, Releases After Surgery

She was known to the world by the nickname “Human Ken”. Rodrigo Alves has been making the buzz for years for spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on plastic surgery. The young man of Brazilian origin would have undergone more than 70 operations of all kinds, and obviously does not seem ready to stop. In January 2020, Rodrigo Alves announced that he had changed his name and is now called Jessica Alves.

After recently undergoing gender reassignment surgery, Jessica Alves “feels good,” as she said in an interview with the Daily Mail. The 37-year-old is happier than ever, and is already planning a breast augmentation, just 9 days after her last surgery. Jessica Alves said she felt “born again” after spending 6 hours undergoing gender reassignment surgery in Bangkok, Thailand, herself who felt “born in the wrong body” “.

A new life for Jessica Alves

The former British television host explained to the Daily Mail that she has filmed her journey since the start of her transition, and that everything will be broadcast in a feature film, this Saturday, March 6. “The next surgery is breast augmentation, I’m going to have my breasts bigger and filled. And the doctors are also going to remove an implant from my chin, because I continue to have problems, and trace my marked jaw,” she explained. In an interview with the show This Morning, Jessica Alves had confided to be eager to lose her virginity. “My life will finally begin,” she added.

Jessica Alves © Instagram

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