It is well known, Hugo Clément is a fervent defender of the environment and more particularly of animals. This Sunday, April 17, the journalist then spoke on his social networks, to denounce the images of a famous actor that he saw on Instagram. Indeed, the day before, Rayane Bensetti had fun in a circus by giving a candy to a bear. Unbearable images for Hugo Clément who did not hesitate to shout his anger: “Dear Rayane Bensetti, this bear that you feed with a marshmallow spends its life locked up in small spaces and is forced to perform “numbers” against nature to amuse the public,” he wrote in one of the photos.

The journalist then wanted to send a message: “Please don’t participate in this, and don’t let your subscribers think that this is normal.” For the time being, the main interested party has still not responded. But Hugo Clément is not the type to give up and believes very strongly in his convictions. Indeed, the young man had not hesitated to denounce the presence of animals in the program Fort Boyard: “As during my first participation two years ago, I refused to take part in the events involving animals You know my convictions on this subject: I am fiercely opposed to the captivity of wild animals for the purpose of entertainment, as is the case on the Fort. Tigers have no place behind bars in the middle of the ocean,” he said.

Hugo Clément wants to change mentalities

So when the production announced that the tigers were withdrawn from the program, Hugo Clément was delighted: “I am very happy with this change. Because beyond the fate of these tigers in particular, it is a important symbol: there will no longer be visible tigers in cages at prime time. This legendary program will only be more beautiful.” Hoping things go the same way with Rayane Bensetti.

Hugo Clément © COADIC GUIREC

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